Difference Between GED and High school Diploma

GED vs High school Diploma

GED and High school diploma are thought as effectively same by many people, they remain confused about difference between GED and High school diploma. Though it is true that for some persons, having passed GED is considered to be equivalent to having passed High school diploma, there are significant differences and importance of the two certifications. This article intends to clarify all confusions and myths surrounding these two examinations.

In 1942, due to pressing demands from soldiers returning from war, General Educational Development (GED) was introduced to allow such people to demonstrate their knowledge. Those who passed these tests got academic credentials that were sufficient for them to land with jobs in various industries. GED is a group of fives tests that, after passing; certify that the candidate has high school level academic skills. The test has to be taken in person and not available on the net. In today’s circumstances, GED is a means of obtaining jobs for those individuals who for some reason have not been able to continue their studies to obtain regular high school diplomas. Those who get high school diplomas are not eligible to take GED.

Thus, having passed GED makes a person qualified to get jobs that are considered fit for high school diploma holders. But similarities between GED and High school diploma end here as there are many differences that are outlined below.

GED is viewed very differently and in general employers do not take it in good light. They have negative feelings about a person with GED and prefer high school diploma holders to recruit for the job. You can be pretty certain that if you are competing with a person who has regular high school diploma and you are GED, your chances of securing the job are too low.

It takes a student 4 years to pass high school diploma where as GED can be obtained with 6-7 hours of testing. GED takes less time, preparation, effort and responsibility than to get a regular high school diploma.

People can take GED at the age of 16, and for that matter at any age subsequently in their lives. However, with regular schooling, it is not possible to get high school diploma before the age of 18.

Another difference lies in the way colleges look at GED. Though most of the colleges accept a GED for higher studies, they make a GED pass another entrance level examination which is not there in the case of a regular high school diploma holder.

At many places, not distinction is made between a GED and high school diploma but the general perception is to hold a GED in lower esteem than a regular high school diploma.


• GED is an exam that is considered equivalent to high school diploma.

• It is basically to provide academic qualification to those who for some reason are not able to complete their high school diploma.

• GED is held in lower esteem than high school diploma.