Difference Between German Spitz and Pomeranian

German Spitz vs Pomeranian

Pomeranians and German Spitz are two very closer relatives. Since they have a close relationship, there are many similarities shared between them. Therefore, it would be interesting to compare these two important dog breeds for a better understanding. Their size variations, colourations, and some other physical characteristics have a good value in exploring the differences as in this article.


Pomeranian is a popular Spitz dog and their country of origin is Germany. They descend from the famous German Spitz breed. Pomeranians are small and according to the classification of dogs, Pomeranians come under toy dogs, considering its size. Their average weight is about 1.9 – 3.5 kilograms, and they have a height ranging from 13 to 28 centimetres at withers. They have a small tail, which sets high and flat covered by long hair. Pomeranians have a thick double coat, and rough hairs form the top coat, on the neck and back. They are in different colors; in addition to the very common white, black, and brown, you can find them in colors like red, orange, cream, blue, sable, also in combination of those colors such as black and tan, brown and tan, and there are spotted and brindle colors too. They are very friendly dogs and have a very strong bond with the owner families. Pomeranian is a healthy and hardy dog blessed with a long life up to sixteen years.

German Spitz

German Spitz is usually referred as a breed of dog and type of dog, because several modern breeds have been developed from the German Spitz. They originated in Germany as their name indicates. This very important dog breed has three major varieties depending on their sizes known as Giant, Medium (Standard), and Small (Miniature). People brought German Spitz from Germany to America, and called them American Eskimos. The medium sized or standard German Spitz dogs have an average height around 30 to 38 centimetres and the weight averages around 18 kilograms. Usually, they are white, black, cream or gold, but it would run in a vast range of colours. All the German Spitz dogs have a wolf-like head, double coat, and triangular shape ears. They have a long life; 12 – 13 years for giant type, 13 – 15 years for standard type, 14 – 16 years for miniature type.

What is the difference between Pomeranian and German Spitz?

· They both originated in Germany, but Pomeranian is a descendant of German Spitz.

· Pomeranians are much smaller dogs compared to German Spitz. Additionally, Pomeranians are toy dogs due to their small size, whereas German Spitz dogs are in different sizes without toy dogs.

· Pomeranian has a wider range of colour coats compared to German Spitz.

· German Spitz has a wolf-like head and a conical shaped snout, while Pomeranians have slightly rounded snout.

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