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Difference Between Goals and Targets

Goals vs Targets

Goals and Targets are two words used in the English language that show difference between them when it comes to their usage. Goals refer to the ‘primary ambition’ that people cherish time and again to achieve. On the other hand, targets are aims we strive to reach. This is the basic difference between the two words ‘goals’ and ‘targets’.

Observe the two sentences:

1. He achieved the goal of his life.

2. You strive hard to achieve your goal.

In both the sentences, the word ‘goal’ is used in the sense of ‘primary ambition’ and hence, the meaning of the first sentence would be ‘he achieved the primary ambition’ of his life. The meaning of the second sentence would be ‘you strive hard to achieve your primary ambition.

On the other hand, the word ‘targets’ refers to ‘aims’ in general and it has the figurative meaning of ‘distance’ or ‘mark’. Observe the two sentences:

1. He reached his target with ease.

2. It was a difficult target to chase.

In the first sentence, you can find that the word ‘target’ is used in the sense of ‘aim’ and hence, the meaning would be ‘he reached his aim with ease’. In the second sentence, the word ‘target’ is used in the sense of ‘mark’ and hence, the sentence can be rewritten as ‘it was a difficult mark to chase’.

It is interesting to note that all targets reach towards goals. The converse is not true of course. Hence, it can be said that the word ‘targets’ is the subset of the word ‘goals’. Goals are achieved by reaching the targets successfully. Goal can be only one in the life of man, but targets can be many. These are the important differences between the two words, namely, goals and targets.


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