Difference Between Gold and Silver

Gold vs Silver

Although gold and silver are used in the making of ornaments, there are many differences between the two. One of the biggest difference between gold and silver is that gold is more expensive than silver. Hence gold is more valuable than silver.

Gold is better exchangeable than silver because of the fact that does not rust. Gold is considered money since it is looked upon as ultimate liquid asset. It is viewed as luxury item. Silver on the other hand is not considered a luxury item.

It is true that many ounces of silver makes one ounce of gold. Hence silver is considered less portable. Not many would prefer to carry 60 ounces of silver than carrying just one ounce of gold.

Another important difference between gold and silver is that gold will not tarnish whereas silver certainly will tarnish. It is important to note that although silver does tarnish, it is very marginal that often it gets unnoticed. Silver could easily have been made use of in photography had it not tarnished.

It is an astonishing fact that silver is more rare than gold to be available in a refined form above the ground. Silver is more used in electronics than gold. When it comes to conductivity silver is considered as a better conductor of electricity than gold. Hence silver is used in switches, bearings and batteries.

What makes gold more desirable is that fact that it is valuable because of its price. It is in more demand than silver. The universal law runs as anything that has a greater demand has a greater value as well. It is quite interesting to note that banks prefer to give loan against gold rather than against sliver, because, gold is easily portable than silver. Banks do find it easy to store gold rather than silver.

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