Difference Between Guest House and B&B

Guest House vs B&B

If you are in a city other than your own, accommodation becomes a problem if you do not have relatives or friends there. Apart from hotels, there are many different options available to travelers, students, and businessmen in the form of inns, guesthouses, hostels, dormitories, apartments, and B&B, especially in cities that are important tourist destinations. Many people do not understand the differences between guesthouses and B&B as both provide accommodation and some other facilities. This article attempts to highlight the differences between guest house and B&B.

Guest House

A guest house is an accommodation facility that is similar in nature to a hotel but much cheaper. In different countries, gust houses have different facilities and features but one feature that is common all over is the facility of a room with beds to sleep overnight. In some places, guest houses are simply lodging facilities with no other facilities while in some places food may be included in the charges. Guesthouses look like private homes and not like hotels and provide comfort and privacy to the inmates though mostly they do not provide room service as in a hotel.


B&B is an acronym that stands for Bed and Breakfast. This refers to an accommodation facility for overnight stay with the arrangement of breakfast. For most tourists, getting up and leaving the lodging facility on an empty stomach is not a very pleasing idea. With B&B, one not only gets to sleep in a cozy room but also the breakfast next morning to be ready for sightseeing or any other work. Private home owners in places that are tourist destinations have made rooms for tourists and started to provide B&B in different parts of the world.

What is the difference between Guest House and B&B?

• Both guest houses, as well as B&B, provide accommodation facilities to inmates, but B&B have an additional attractive feature of the next morning breakfast, which may not be there in guest houses.

• Guest houses are made specially to cater to lodging requirements of travelers, whereas B&B are private homes where rooms are converted to provide accommodation to guests.

• B&B has become a powerful incentive for property owners in places of tourist attractions to let out rooms to tourists.

• B&B is described by tourists as more homely than guesthouses.

• Guest houses have staff and sometimes the license to serve liquor too.

• B&B is mostly family operated commercial activity where a guest is like a friend.