Difference Between Guy and Man

Key Difference – Guy vs Man

All of us know that men folk are also referred to as guys, and it is obvious to everyone that males in a group are being talked about if the word guys is used by women present. But, why have two different words for males when either of the two would have sufficed? Is there a difference between a guy and a man or are the two words synonymous? Let us take a closer look at the situation.

Who is a Guy?

While adult males are all men, there are some who look and behave as if they are small boys. These are males who tend to be labeled as guys. These members of the human species love to have fun and they are seen doing a job rather than having a career. They go out on date, shout for their favorite player at a football game, drink beer on the streets and never consider themselves late even if it happens to be early hours in the morning. A guy is someone who is obsessed with sex and works hard to prepare for the weekend. He is someone who would be more interested in reading Maxim than say Esquire, and he feels proud to be using latest gadgets rather than being a man to be using tools. A guy is an adult male who still feels like a boy and does not feel the burden of responsibility on his shoulders.

Difference Between Guy and Man

Who is a Man?

At some stage of their lives, guys do become men but they are seen resisting the transition from guyliness to manhood. You know as a lady when you have spotted a man rather than encountering a guy. Some males remain guys all their lives. However, most become men when they have passed thirty and are settled into their jobs. There has been a perceptible shift in males preferring to remain guys even after they reach the age of thirty nowadays. Maybe this is a sign of people living longer or people wanting to stay young forever. Nowadays people do not like to grow old; they want to delay the onset of old age as long as possible. Perhaps this makes them feel and behave they are still guys and not men as they should be when they are past the age of thirty.

 Guy vs Man

What is the difference between Guy and Man?

Definitions of Guy and Man:

Guy: There are males who look and behave as if they are small boys, these people are known as guys.

Man: Adult males are known as men.

Characteristics of Guy and Man:


Guy: Guys wear T-shirts and jeans

Man: Men wear trousers and suits.


Guy: Guys watch sports on TV and stadiums.

Man: Men play themselves.


Guy: Guys like loud music and drink beer.

Men: Men like soft music and drink whisky.


Guy: Guys ride motorcycles.

Man: Men drive cars.


Guy: Guys use latest gadgets.

Man: Men make use of tools.


Guy: Guys hardly wear watches.

Man: Men are seen wearing expensive watches.


Guy: Guys resist adulthood as they hate to take on responsibilities.

Men: Men are known for their responsible behavior.


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