Difference Between Hillbilly and Redneck

Hillbilly vs Redneck

Both Hillbilly and Redneck are focusing on two different types of people. People generally termed both as having the same meanings, but it has to be remembered that although the words are mentioning about almost the similar type of Americans, they have different natures and different life styles. The difference and similarities must be remembered as to understand the meaning of the two terms.

When we talk about the Hillbilly, it means those types of people who live within the American boundaries but are completely not civilized. Although the reference of the state describes a personality, but these people are completely mountaineers and they have their own ways of life that is not possible to describe completely. The term is not new, and these people have such kind of culture that is quite different from the educated people in the city areas. In other words we can say that although these people live in the territory of America, but calling some one as Hillbilly is not considered a decent name. These people obviously, as the meaning tells, live in far off areas, mainly the mountains and villages far away from the country side and they avoid being in contact with the cities. This also must be mentioned that these people are not black, but still the term is equal to an abuse for the White people living in a civilized state of America. This shows that how is the general perception and their livelihood. But as far as their own lives are concerned, these are simple, not wealthy, uneducated, villagers, living the life in the simplest way and enjoying the undemanding and uncomplicated phases of life.

The second term that is mentioned is Redneck. This term is very similar to the first one; even the meaning is very similar to the other. It also mentions the similar type of not so wealthy, uneducated, simple villager at the southern side of the country. But the term, in the same manner, is taken as very unpleasant at some areas. Like the above one, Redneck is also not known to be a good remark. These people are known to be the typical, foolish, backward, drunk farmers. They are called by this name because of the concept that the farmers work in such a state that they turned down their necks while they are busy working, causing their complexions to get darker. But apart from all the criticisms and the general negative perceptions regarding them, they are somehow, hard working and simple people.

The difference between the two terms does exist. Although the meanings and general perceptions are quite same of the both but some other things must also be considered. It is mentioned earlier that the first category people lives in the areas that are usually the mountains and the hilly places, on the other hand the second type of people lives in village areas that are not located on the hilly sides. The today’s Hillbillies are much different from the ones in the past they are focusing on the qualification of the coming generations now, but the rednecks are quite opposite to them in that case. Hillbillies have a bit better way of living in a way, mostly they do not drink and lead peaceful lives, but the Rednecks are again opposite to them in this scenario, they are hyper and sometimes un-respectable.

  • Michael

    I am an educated hillbilly who now,unfortunately ,lives in town.The difference between a hillbilly and a redneck is:rednecks are mostly country music listening, yee haw hollering, drunkards looking for a fight.Hillbilly’s feed rednecks to their dogs;)

  • domnique albakurkey

    Fake and gaaayyy

  • Joe Mayer

    Utter BS at least from the hillbilly prospective. I’m an educated hillbilly and I love my brethren. They are not offended for being called one either. They helped America become free from the British and probably without them, America would not have succeeded. Just because they and I believe in freedom doesn’t mean we are backward. We just prefer live without being governed with out a good reason..

  • Dustin R

    I’m a RedNeck Michael who unfortunately disagrees with you. Speaking only for myself, but I am pretty sure my brothers will agree with me, this RedNeck does like a lot of those things you talk about. I’m not looking for a fight though, but I will finish one if it’s brought my way. I also believe in respect and honesty and don’t want to be around any who doesn’t have it. If you’re a good honest person with strong core values, to me it doesn’t matter what color you are or where you are from, I’ll consider you a friend. If you don’t. You won’t want to be around me. There is a fight inside me brought on by how this country has turned away from those values, I’ll give you that. And there should be in everyone who holds those values dear and is ashamed of all the greed and dishonesty this country has become so accustomed to.

  • Elphaba Richardson

    This is just wrong. I was trying to explain to someone why my family is hillbilly and not redneck. (He called a character in a book a hillbilly,after which we bantered about the difference.) No offense to the rednecks out there who take pride in the term. Go on and be rednecks, that is your right. But my family settled in the hills. I spent some time as a child up in those hills and I do not think they ever left me, even though we now live in up north in a place that has barely anything one could call a hill. I am still a hillbilly.

    As for this ridiculous article. neither hillbillies nor rednecks can have the assumption of ignorance lumped upon them. I have multiple degrees, love learning, and have a high IQ. I follow in a significant if not long line of hillbilly kin who also have a love of education. Some never got degrees, but they were far from ignorant or uneducated. While I agree that many of my relatives lived so-called simple live, making their life out of the hills, do not mistake simple living with simple-mindedness.

  • The MOSEPH!!

    Grammar correspondence course…invest.

  • Victoria Howard

    I’m also educated, and come from proud Hillbilly stock-also educated. My understanding is hillbillies are from the Appalachian mountain area. But don’t confuse us with Arkies, Oakies, or RedNecks. Not the same at all!!
    This person needs to do more research.