Difference Between Hot Tub and Spa

Hot Tub vs Spa

Spa, bath tub, hot tub, Jacuzzi etc. are terms used in the same breath to refer to bathing facilities. A hot tub is an outdoor bathing facility that is full of hot water and is used at the same time by many people just like a swimming pool. There is another word spa that is frequently used for hot tubs. Jacuzzi is another word used for hot tubs though it is basically a very famous worldwide brand selling spas and hot tubs. This confuses many as they do not know where to use the word spa and where to use the hot tub. This article intends to make clear the differences between a hot tub and a spa for the benefit of readers.

Hot Tub

A hot tub is literally what is implied by the word though it is usually intended to be used by many people at the same time in sharp contrast to bath tubs inside bathrooms in homes. Also, with lots of hot water being used for bathing, it is not changed after a single bathing session and the hot tub is cleaned and sanitized in much the same manner as swimming pools. Hot tubs essentially have a delivery system where water is pumped inside the tub and a suction system that empties the tub through pumps. There is also a filtration system to keep the water clean enough for all people taking a bath in these hot tubs. Many hot tubs introduce air bubbles with pressure to give a light and soothing massage to people taking bath. To keep the water hot for a comfortable bath, electric heaters or a gas based system is employed. To sanitize water and to keep it safe for the people, bromine and chlorine are used.


Spa is a word that brings to mind images of salons and health resorts that offer this facility. Even small salons with as simple massage table call themselves as spas, but in reality, a spa is a method to provide relaxation to the body of individual using water. With the passage of time, facilities providing these water treatments have also been labeled as spa centers. There are day spas with facilities of facials, massages, and other body and skin treatments in a relaxing atmosphere for the clients.

Spa and Jacuzzi are words that are today also used to define tubs or other facilities to bathe with hot water. Manufacturers started to label their products as spas when they switched to materials other than wood for making bathing tubs. Spas are today being made of fiberglass and plastic. However, it is not just a choice of material that differentiates a spa from a hot tub. Spas today are not just tubs to lie down as there are also seating spas. There are also spas that have the feature of air bubbles introduced at a pressure to perform a soothing and massaging action.

What is the difference between Hot Tub and Spa?

• Hot tubs are what the name implies, a bathing facility for more than a single individual, mostly found outdoors.

• Spas are mostly facilities where facials, massages, and other beauty treatments are given to people in a relaxing atmosphere.

• Spas are also names used by manufacturers to refer to bathing facilities sold by them to differentiate them from the earlier hot tubs.

• Hot tubs were mostly wooden, whereas spas are made of plastic and fiberglass.

• Hot tubs were round or square, whereas spas come in all shapes and sizes

• Spas are also seating whereas hot tubs were always to bathe lying down.