Difference Between Hurt and Anger

Hurt vs Anger

Hurt and Anger are two emotions that have some difference between them, but are very much connected. As human beings, we all feel hurt, angry, frustrated, and even disappointed. However, having a clear understanding of these two emotions is important as it allows the individual to gain a better understanding of himself. Let us define the two words as an introduction. Hurt refers to causing or feeling pain. Anger, on the other hand, is a strong feeling of displeasure. Imagine a scenario where you feel hurt because a friend betrays you. This then turns into disappointment and also anger. Anger and Hurt are very much connected; which is why most people consider anger as the outcome of hurt. This is the connection between the two words. Through this article let us examine the difference between Hurt and Anger.

What does Hurt mean?

Hurt is an emotion that an individual experiences when he is in pain. People can feel pain due to many reasons and the degree or the intensity of pain can also differ according to the situation. Sometimes people feel pain due to their own actions. At other times, it can be due to the actions of another. Let us look at some examples:

A child who has been scolded by the teacher for not working properly feels hurt.

A woman who was raped by a man feels hurt.

An individual who was betrayed by the partner feels hurt.

In each situation, the person who causes pain differs and the intensity also differs. In some situations, it can be a person who is close to us, or else a stranger. This can then turn into anger or else a situation where the individual learns to suppress the emotions. Especially, in relationships with close ones, it is important to be open about our feelings of hurt rather than suppress as it only taints the quality of the relationship.

Difference Between Hurt and Anger

A child who has been scolded by the teacher for not working properly feels hurt

What does Anger mean?

Anger can be defined as a feeling of displeasure. Anger is a natural emotion just as happiness or sadness. When an individual feels hurt or threatened, the person begins to get angry. Anger is a temporary emotion. For example:

A couple decides to go to celebrate their anniversary with a trip to the countryside. Once all the arrangements are made and they are ready to go, one partner says that the trip has to be cancelled because of an urgent matter at his or her workplace. The other partner gets angry and shouts.

Hurt vs Anger

This is an instance of anger. The individual feels angry because he or she is hurt as the plans were cancelled at the last minute. This also emphasizes that anger can be an expression of hurt. When people become angry, a number of changes take place in their body. For example, the heartbeat elevates, muscles get tensed, etc. In our day to day life, we encounter various situations that have the potential to make us angry. Especially, if the individual has a fiery temperament, this can happen quite often. Therefore, it is important to control one’s anger when dealing with others as it can affect our relationships with the family, friends, and close ones.

What is the difference between Hurt and Anger?

• Hurt refers to causing or feeling pain whereas Anger is a strong feeling of displeasure.

• Anger is often viewed as the outlet of hurt. A person who feels hurt by the actions of another usually gets angry for hurting his feelings.

• Hurt and anger can be of varying intensities and have to be controlled in order to maintain positive relationships with others.


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