Difference Between Infant and Toddler

Infant vs Toddler

Infant and toddler refer to young offspring. They both can’t live without their parents. They need to be fed and clothed for them to grow healthy and strong. They can’t do anything on their own, and an adult should always be present for them.


Infant is a word that came from the Latin term, infans, which means speechless or not capable of speaking. An infant is a pretty young offspring, also known as a baby. An infant who is born within day, weeks or hours from birth is called a newborn. The word “newborn,” include post-mature infants, full term newborns and premature infants. In medical books, the word newborn (neonate) refers to babies who are between the1st 28 days from birth.


Toddler is a young kid, who has freshly learned to walk. During this stage, the kid learns about motor skills, social roles and begins using his/her first language. This is a crucial stage in development and is noted for their negativistic manner. They habitually say no which, in reality, it’s a yes. They are also little explorers, and they are basically curious on everything.

Difference between Infant and Toddler

Infant and toddler are both children. However, infants are younger (under 1 year old) than toddlers (1 to 3 years.). Infants start crawling in this age while toddlers are beginning to walk and stand. In communicating, an infant’s cry is its basic communication while a toddler begins to say 2-word phrases. Infants don’t have teeth while toddlers have a number of teeth, and they are continuously growing. Infants only drink milk through breastfeeding or in bottles while toddlers are starting to eat solid foods by using a spoon but still drink milk. Infants can barely hold objects, as for toddlers, they are happy throwing and picking up objects.

Infant and toddler have basic needs. These necessities are essential for their healthy growth and development. Parents or the people who look after these children should have enough patience in dealing with them.

In brief:

• A Toddler is a young kid, who has freshly learned to walk.

• Infants are younger (under 1 year old) than toddlers (1 to 3 years).