Difference Between Jeans and Pants

Jeans vs Pants

‘Pants’ is a word that is understood universally as a garment that is worn by people, to cover their lower body. It is worn across all cultures though it is called differently as trouser, pantaloons, chinos, khakis, and even jeans. This confuses some people as they see jeans as something totally different in appearance and feel than the traditional trousers or pants. This article attempts to explain the differences between pants and jeans.


Jeans is a garment that is considered rugged and youthful by people as it appears to be rough and tough. It is a casual wear that is used by men and women of all ages across the globe. Introduced to the world by Levi Strauss as a work pant in the end half of the 19th century, ‘jeans’ has today achieved a cult status that is not dependent upon fashion and weather. It is seen as a rugged trouser that can be worn on most occasions except very formal and around the workplace.

‘Blue jeans’ has a universal appeal and even celebrities wear this garment making it all the more likeable for the common people. May be, it has to do with the rough and tough nature of jeans or the riveting at places of stress with copper buttons. Boys and girls, especially students consider jeans as their 2nd skin and their wardrobe is full of several jeans. However, even though jeans have become a class unto itself, it remains a type of pants.


Pants, pantaloons, trousers etc. are the names of the garment that are traditionally worn by men, to cover the lower parts of their bodies. It is also called a pair of pants as it covers both legs separately from waist downwards. Trouser is the more formal word for pants. The word ‘pants’ has been a shortened version of pantaloons, which as a term used in Britain during the colonial rule. It is not to be confused with a tight undergarment that is used by both men and women to cover genitals.

Pants have been used by mostly men throughout history but more and more women have adopted this garment over the last century or so.

Jeans vs Pants

• Jeans is a type of trouser made of heavy twill called denim whereas pants is a generic term that refers to all kinds of trousers worn by men and women.

• Pants are made of lighter fabric than jeans.

• Pants are more formal than jeans that are rugged in appearance.

• Jeans are mostly blue, whereas pants can be of any color

• Jeans have a basic 5 pocket design, whereas pants have side pockets besides the back pockets.

• Pants are worn at workplace, whereas jeans are worn casually.