Difference Between Koreans and Chinese

Koreans vs Chinese

Koreans and Chinese are the people or the citizens of these respective Asian countries. Of late, there have been many reports of hatred, hostility and violence against people of Korean origin in China raising concerns about the safety of people of Korean descent in China. There are many people in the west who cannot differentiate between a Korean and a Chinese because of their similar looks. However despite similarities, there are many differences between a Korean and a Chinese that will be enumerated in this article.


Koreans are citizens of both Koreas namely South Korea and North Korea. Taken together, the total population of the Koreans, including those living in other Asian countries such as Japan and China, is about 85 million. Today’s Koreans are believed to be the descendants of the people that belonged to ancient Korean Peninsula. These were migrants who arrived in the peninsula from Siberia and Manchuria. Koreans speak Korean language that makes use of Hangul, its writing system. This system of writing was developed very late in the 15th century. Till then, Koreans made use of Chinese characters.

Korean people are known across the world as being dynamic and having a lot of endurance. They have a great sense of humor that is reflected, not just in their nature, but also in the nation’s rich art and culture.


Chinese is a term that is used to refer to both the people of this giant Asian country as well as the language spoken by the people of China. China is a very large and very populous East Asian country with 22 provinces. Taiwan, an independent country that is also called Republic of China, is claimed by China to be its 23rd province. It is not just the citizens of the mainland China but also Hong Kong, Macau and even Taiwan that are labeled Chinese. All people, having Han Chinese ethnicity, are labeled Chinese though there are in total 56 ethnic groups comprising Chinese population. However, Han Chinese ethnicity makes up nearly 92% of the population.

China is not just one of the largest countries in the world; it is also the most populous with a population of more than 1.3 billion. Chinese people are considered hardworking an industrious. They have a conservative approach towards life and are in general very easy going.

What is the difference between Koreans and Chinese?

• Chinese people are made up of more than 56 ethnicities, but 92% of the Chinese belong to Han Chinese ethnicity.

• Korean people are the descendants of migrants who arrived in the Korean peninsula from Siberia and Manchuria.

• Korean people speak Korean language, whereas Chinese speak mandarin and other dialects spoken in China.

• Korean writing system called Hangul came up in 15th century and till then Koreans made use of Chinese characters.

• Korean people have higher cheek bones than Chinese people.

• Chinese have a flatter face and smaller eyes than Korean people.

• Koreans have slightly less slanted eyes than Chinese.

  • KoreaGreen

    Korean Food: Vegetable, Rice, Beef, Pork, Fish.
    Chinese Food: All stired Friend.
    Korean Letters: Direct, Linear, Simple
    Chinese Letters: Box letters, Backward.
    Korean Personality: Fast, Impatient, Direct.
    Chinese Personality: Slow, patient, Less Direct
    Koreans ( Majority): Live and work Capitalist world.
    Chinese ( Majority): Live and work Communist world.