Difference Between Latte and Coffee

Latte vs Coffee

If you are a coffee lover, you must know how many different kinds of beverages can be made with coffee powder and its beans. At homes, people generally make use of ground coffee beans, and mix them with hot, boiling water, adding sugar and milk (or cream) for taste, but you know the variants when you are at Barista or Coffee day. One look at the entries in the order card, you will be surprised to find so many different names. You know then that asking for a coffee is not so simple after all. One variant that has become very popular is Latte. Let us find out the differences between Latté and coffee, and what makes Latté so special.

There is no need to be puzzled by the menu card at a coffee shop. Yes, there are confusing names, such as cappuccino, mocha, espresso, long black, ristretto, macchiato, affogato etc, but you are confident when you know the subtle difference in ingredients and flavor of these coffee variants. After all, it pays to know the difference.

A Latte is nothing but an espresso and steamed milk served with a small layer of froth on top. When a trained barista (it is the name of the coffee server) pours latte from a jug, he can create artwork on the top of your latte, which looks really mesmerizing. Being Italian in origin, Latte is different from black coffee which is prepared without milk. Milk is called latte in Italian, and it is thus, espresso mixed with milk. In fact, it would be better to call latte ‘caffelatte’, as it is a mixture of coffee and milk.

Now you know that latte is different from ordinary coffee as it is made from espresso. The coffee used, is ground finer than what most of us use at home. All the difference is made by the espresso machine in making a simple coffee an espresso. To make espresso, ground coffee is compressed into a dense puck of coffee, and hot water is forced through this puck under high pressure to produce an extraction called espresso. This process with right pressure and temperature results in a kind of flavor that is hard to reproduce at home. Milk is not added to espresso and whenever milk is added, you are essentially making another drink which is not espresso. Adding froth of milk results in getting latte.

In brief:

Difference between Latte and Coffee

• Coffee is the generic name of the drink that is prepared by us at home with coffee beans that have been ground.

• One can have black coffee, or add milk to it as per his taste.

• Latte is one particular style of brewing coffee.

• It is of Italian origin, and in Italian, latte means milk.

• Latte is prepared with espresso by adding milk froth from the top

• Espresso is a totally different technique of brewing, and requires and espresso machine that maintains right temperature and pressure

• Espresso also requires ground coffee that is much more finer than what is used at home to make simple coffee