Difference Between Leggings and Tights

Leggings vs Tights

When one hears words like leggings, tights, and stockings, the images of models wearing tight leg wear, mostly blacks, come to mind. Yes, leggings and tights are very similar shape wear that is mostly worn by women, to feel and look more attractive as these garments give their bodies the desired shape and look. But the fact that there are so many similarities between leggings and tights that make them confusing for some people as they cannot differentiate between the two. This article attempts to find out the differences between leggings and tights to help such readers.


As the name implies, these are tight leg wear worn mostly by women to cover their legs though men also wear leggings at times. Leggings are only ankle length, and they are worn from waist downwards. The fact that leggings are labeled as tights in the states is what confuses many women around the globe. Leggings can be longer than ankle length to cover the entire feet at times.

In countries with cold climate, leggings are often made from woolen material, to make men and women feel warm and comfortable. However, leggings are mostly used as a fashion accessory by women in countries with hot climate. In India and some other Asian countries, for example, women have started to wear these leggings in place of the traditional salwar under kurtis. Leggings are mostly made from hosiery material with lycra added into it. Leggings are available in many different colors and even patterns.


Tights are shapewear loved by women around the world as they allow them to show off their body contours. These are pants that are worn from waist downwards, to cover both legs and feet. These leg wear are very tight and made from flimsy material, to reflect the skin from underneath. This is the reason why tights cannot be worn alone and they require a short skirt or any other lower garment to be worn over them.

What is the difference between Leggings and Tights?

• Tights are made from a thinner material than is used to manufacture leggings. This is why it is necessary to wear something over tights.

• Tights are mostly longer than leggings that are ankle length.

• Leggings are referred to as tights in the US, confusing women in other parts of the world.

• In countries with cold climate, leggings are often made with woolen material.

• In India, women have adopted leggings and started to wear them in place of their traditional salwars.