Difference Between Lodge and Cabin

Lodge vs Cabin

There are many different names in vogue for structures used for accommodation purposes. People are often confused between the lodge and a cabin that are structures used during outdoor adventures and also as cheap accommodation in cities and other urban areas. Despite similarities, there are differences between a lodge and a cabin that will be highlighted in this article.


A lodge is a sort of hotel that provides facility of lodging tourists and travelers. It is quieter and simpler than a hotel as it has rooms but no room service. A lodge has rooms and attached or common bathrooms for the guests. There are basic amenities offered in a lodge with some providing food too. However, the basic purpose of a lodge remains overnight accommodation for the travelers that is cheaper than hotels. There was a time when there were many lodges and inns in urban areas, but with the passage of time, their numbers have gone down. In Africa, the word lodge is used in connection with accommodation inside a game or a safari. There are also ski lodges made for the accommodation of adventure tourists who arrive in ski resorts to enjoy the game. Finally, there are hunting lodges made for accommodation of hunters.

Lodge is also a structure that is made for the accommodation of a gatekeeper or security guard at the gate of a large property.


Cabin is a word that is usually reserved for room for pilots in an aircraft as well as rooms for passengers inside a ship or a vessel. However, it is usually referred to as an accommodation structure as well, and then it becomes synonymous with cottage, shanty, shack, and a hut. In fact, the structures referred to as cottages by people in Canada are labeled as cabins all across US. Perhaps the most lingering of images of structures called cabins are those of log cabins that are made of wooden logs.

In general, a cabin is a small house that has been erected for temporary dwelling and contains only a few rooms.

Lodge vs Cabin

• Lodge is bigger in size than cabin.

• Lodge is found in urban areas, whereas cabins are found in outdoors.

• Lodge provides lodging facilities to travelers.

• Cabin is also a small room for the pilot in an aircraft as well as the room for the passengers in a ship.

• Lodges are made for tourists in games and safaris, in Africa.

• There are also lodges for hunters and skiing lovers.

• There are also log cabins that confuse people between lodge and cabin.