Difference Between Loft and Studio

Loft vs Studio

Loft and studio are words that are commonly being used by builders and property dealers, to sell their two types of apartments to buyers. While studio apartments have been in vogue for quite some time, it is the phrase ‘loft apartments’ that is catching the attention of property buyers these days. Some find it a gimmick from the builders to sell their small sized studio apartments while others say that there is actually a difference between loft and studio. This article takes a closer look at the situation.


Most of us are aware of the word loft that is used to refer to open space just below the roof of a building. Loft is also the space below the roof inside homes that is used by homeowners as storage spaces. There was a time during the WW II when loft living attracted the attention of many people as these living spaces on the top of dilapidated buildings were used by impoverished artists for their accommodation.

Of late, the phrase loft apartment has been coined by clever builders, to refer to not just spaces in decadent buildings that have been converted into apartments but also to small apartments that they are selling by not dividing them into small rooms with the help of several walls.


Studio apartment is a term that indicates a very small apartment usually bought and rented by bachelors and students. These apartments mostly have a single room or 2 rooms suiting the living style of a couple or a single person. Consider studio apartment as a small space that includes a living area, bed for sleeping, kitchen, and an enclosed area for taking a shower.

What is the difference between Loft and Studio?

• Loft apartments are mostly found on the top floors of buildings as their origins can be traced back to WW II when artists and other creative individuals used top spacious floors of decadent buildings for their dwelling.

• Studio apartments are built to suit people with a tight budget such as students, bachelors, and even newly married couples.

• Studio apartments often have a living space, sleeping space, and kitchen combined together with a separate bathroom to save on utility bills.

• Loft apartments have large floors to suit the living style of artists and creative people.

• Loft apartments are larger in size than studio apartments.

• Even though large, loft apartments are not suitable for families.

• Studio apartment is also referred to as bachelor apartment.

• Studio apartments are more functional than loft apartments.

• These days, many builders are selling their small sized apartments by posing them off as loft apartments.