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Difference Between Love and Sex

Love vs Sex

There are a lot of difference between love and sex. Love is an emotion of personal attachment and strong affection. In philosophical context, the term love is a virtue showing all of human affection, compassion and kindness. In religious context, the term love is not just a virtue but is the foundation for all golden rule or divine law and basis for all being.

There is no one meaning or definition for love since the term “love” could mean several different things for different people. On the other hand sex, is a biological event. Although there are several types of sex, however most of the sexual acts have certain things in general or common. Sex is a physical activity between two opposite genders. Sex is defined as making love. Love and sex are involved with each other, however sex could occur without love and love could exist without sex. Love is an emotion or feeling. Love involves feelings of romance and attractions. Sex could happen between a female and a male, between two males, between two females, between more than two persons or by one’s self.

A love could be a strong feel towards a person, object or to his or her goal only if they value greatly, deeply and committed to it. Sex is an act for getting sexual pleasure and for reproduction purpose. The term used for not having sex is called as abstinence. Some of the people, particularly who think it is not right to wait to have sex, think that abstinence is totally a bad thing.

Sex could have physical effects in one’s body. A female could give birth after having sex with male. Sometimes there are chances to get an STD. Since love is not a physical activity, it is more related to feelings and emotions therefore won’t be any impact on the physical health of the person.

A love is a relationship that could be between a father and son, between a girl and boy, mother and child, husband and wife, between two males, between male and female, between two females etc. Love could be with or without sex. Love could be shown towards animals, towards one’s country or nation etc.

Love is the express of love without nonsexual ways. Love could be kissing, hugging and touching without any sexual intentions or desires. Love is a serious commitment between two persons and one could do anything for each other. Sex is an intercourse with the aim of reproduction or sexual pleasure, there could be or cannot be serious commitments or seriousness between two partners.

Love could be towards god or ones religion. It is a strong connection between two people with the aim of developing their relationship. Some times love would end in marriage and then sex. Love occurs all the time with the person, object, god or anything. But sex cannot be continually happen. Love is mental feelings and sex is a physical feeling between two partners.

* Love could be a strong feel towards a person, object or to his or her goal only if they value greatly, deeply and committed to it. It’s an emotional bond between two.

* Sex is a physical act; it could be between two or more than two persons or by one’s self.


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