Difference Between Luke and Jai

Luke vs Jai

In the middle of 2011, a few kids in Australia got together and formed a group that made comedy videos and aired them on the internet through YouTube. The group chose the word Janoskians for itself and described it as a group of entertainers. Most of the videos posted by Janoskians (Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation) on YouTube are based upon situational comedy. The group of 5 kids consists of Luke, Jai, James, Daniel, and Beau. Out of these, people remain confused between Luke and Jai as they are very similar to each other in looks. This article attempts to highlight the differences between the two kids.

Luke Brooks and Jai Brooks are Aussie twins who look extremely similar to each other. In fact, fans often find it difficult to differentiate one from another. Of the 5 members comprising Janoskians, three are real brothers namely Beau Brooks, Luke Brooks, and Jai Brooks. Beau is older than Luke and Jai. He is 18 and looks different, but Luke and Jai are identical twins that were born on 3rd of May 1995. Both look carbon copies of each other and it is hard for a fan of Janoskians to tell with confidence if it is Luke or Jai.

Luke, like all other members of the group, takes an active part in acting in the pranks and other videos made by Janoskians. However, he also performs the editing of the videos made by the group. Jai Brooks is a left hander, whereas Luke is a right hander. Though the two are identical twins, Jai Brooks is a few minutes younger than Luke Brooks. Jai loves Justin Bieber and wants to become a famous singer like him one day.

What is the difference between Luke and Jai?

• Jai and Luke Brooks are identical twins belonging to Janoskians.

• The full names of the two brothers are Jai Dominic Brooks and Luke Mark Anthony Brooks respectively.

• Jai is a left hander whereas Luke is a right hander.

• Luke has a freckle in the middle of his nose while Jai has a freckle under his right eye.

• Jai has one of his ears pierced whereas Luke has his lips pierced as well as both of his ears pierced.

• Luke appears to be a little bulkier and a bit taller than Jai.