Difference Between M.Sc and MBA

M.Sc vs MBA

It is a well known fact that both M.Sc and MBA are post-graduate courses. They show differences between them in terms of eligibility, job opportunities, specialization and the like.

General Pre-requisite

Both these courses differ as far as their general pre-requisites are concerned. General pre-requisite is otherwise called as eligibility. The course eligibility differs between them. Candidates who want to enroll for M.Sc should have a basic degree such as B.Sc in the respective discipline or related field of study. For example if you want to apply for M.Sc Chemistry, then it would be appropriate that you have a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or Science degree in general. Many universities and colleges including community colleges consider bachelor degrees with Chemistry as one of the ancillaries too as an eligibility requisite. MBA on the other hand demands a bachelor degree in the discipline of business administration. Such of those who do not possess a bachelor’s degree in business administration can still apply for MBA if they have any other bachelor degree and get through the entrance examination conducted by the university or the college that provides MBA courses. (For more details on Entrance Examination)


The duration of the two courses also differ. M.Sc is a post-graduate course to be completed within the duration of two years. MBA on the other hand takes 3years to complete. However, a few universities and colleges offer 2-year MBA course as well.


Learning outcomes of the students of the two post-graduate courses differ too. A student passing out M.Sc gets acquainted with the special features of the concerned subject. This makes him fit to be a specialist in the subject. Learning outcome of MBA course is that the student becomes well versed with business procedures and management. Management includes administration as well.

Job Opportunity

When it comes to job opportunities, the two post-graduate courses pave the way for different job opportunities. A candidate with M.Sc can apply for jobs such as an educator, a scientist, a researcher and a consultant. Candidates with MBA can apply for jobs such as business consultant, manager, financial consultant and other administrative posts in a business firm.

General Pre-requisite B.Sc in the respective discipline or related field of study BBA or any other bachelor’s degree with job experience  and pass in the admission test such as GRE or GMAT
Duration 2 yrs or less 2yrs or more
Outcome Acquainted with special features of the concerned subject Well versed with business procedures and management
Job Opportunity Educator, Scientist, Researcher,  Consultant Manager, Business Consultant, Financial Consultant , Other Administrative Posts