Difference Between Mall and Outlet

Mall vs Outlet

Mall and Outlet are two different shopping concepts. There are a good number of differences between mall and outlet. An outlet is a single discount store something like department stores. On the other hand a mall is a group stores that are physically connected.

The prices tend to be lower when it comes to outlets. On the other hand you cannot expect the prices to be lowered in the case of malls. Since malls are groups of stores some of the stores do sell goods at lowered prices. Hence a mall is combination of stores that sell at the actual prices and lowered prices.

Outlet is a place that is adept in selling a single kind of merchandise. On the contrary a mall has many different stores that sell various kinds of merchandise. One such example is the Wall Mart. It is one big store with a variety of merchandise.

A mall is characterized by the presence of walkways enabling the shoppers to easily walk from one unit to another unit with ease. It is more likely that a shopping mall has a huge parking area. On the other hand an outlet may not have a parking area. Thus it can be said that malls are car-friendly whereas an outlet is generally not car-friendly.

An outlet is a brick and mortar or an online store. Thus only an outlet has the distinction of being online too. On the other hand a mall cannot function online. It has to be brick and mortar in existence. You can cover an outlet in a limited period of time whereas you need to have several hours at your disposal to cover a shopping mall.

Outlet stores are of two kinds. They are true factory stores and the general stores. Hence the prices too vary between them. This is not the case with malls though.