Difference Between Mermaid and Trumpet

Mermaid vs Trumpet

Wedding day is perhaps the most important day in the life of a girl, and she prepares for the D day, to look and feel the most attractive during the ceremony. A bride is most concerned with her wedding dress as she wants her attire to be most beautiful and outlandish to make her look like an angel or a mermaid on her wedding day. Two of the most popular bridal dresses these days are mermaid and trumpet. In this article, we take a close look at these two attires to find out if there are any differences between them by highlighting their features to enable future brides to choose one that is more suitable for them.

If you take a look at the images of the brides in mermaid and trumpet wedding dresses, you would be surprised to find them strikingly similar. In fact, the only difference between these wedding gowns and the fit and flare gown (another one that is very similar) is the height where the dress starts to flare out from the body of the bride. In some dresses, it is around the waist while, in others, the flare starts around the knee.


If you have seen a mermaid in a movie or in pictures, in magazines, you know what it is that makes them look so special. Mermaid wedding dress is a body hugging dress that emphasizes the full figure of the bride, especially her hips before flaring out around the knees. This means you will look like a mermaid if you have the hourglass figure to flaunt. If you want to be the enchantress on your wedding and have the figure to go with it, there is nothing to beat the mesmerizing style of a mermaid gown. But if you are even slightly bulky around the hips, it is better to go for a wedding dress that de-emphasizes your curves, especially your hips.


Trumpet is a wedding dress that is again meant to highlight the figure of the bride. It remains body hugging down to the hips but then starts to flare out around the thighs. It has flare, but this flare is not as aggressive or daring as it is in the case of a mermaid dressing gown.

However, both the mermaid as well as trumpet wedding dresses is similar in the manner in which they are able to accentuate the body figure of the bride. They are perfect for a bride with a slim waistline and a small hip, as well. However, keep in mind that though mermaid wedding dress is very sexy, it restricts your movements. If you prefer comfort over style, you can go for trumpet wedding dress that flares out much earlier than mermaid and makes for a comfortable dress.

Mermaid vs Trumpet

Both mermaid and trumpet are wedding dresses that are body hugging. However, trumpet allows for more comfort as it flares much earlier than mermaid around the thighs. Flare in mermaid is aggressive, but it takes place much below the knees to restrict the movements of the bride. However, it remains one of the sexiest dresses for the brides with a small waistline and small hips, as well.