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Difference Between Microwave and Oven

Microwave vs Oven

Microwave and Oven, though sound like one and the same thing there are number of differences between them. Microwave is an appliance used in the kitchen and it heats food by the procedure of dielectric heating. On the other hand an oven is a thermally insulated chamber used for heating and baking of a substance. This is one of the main differences between microwave and oven.

In short it can be said that the scientific procedures employed in both the appliances are different in the sense that microwave employs the dielectric heating method whereas oven uses the thermal insulation method of baking.

One of the other differences between the two is that an oven performs the additional job of baking and hence it is very popularly used for baking bread.

The first ever microwave was introduced in the year 1967. On the other hand several types of ovens were created and used in different civilizations and in the present times. Some of the types of ovens created and used include earth oven, ceramic oven, microwave oven and gas oven.

As a matter of fact a microwave is not suitable for cooking certain foods. This is due to the fact they do not produce the culinary effects needed in the cooking of certain foods. This makes people go for the traditional oven.

A microwave is characterized by the presence of a high voltage source. It generally contains an electric power converter. Other electrical items in the microwave include a magnetron control circuit and a high voltage capacitor. It contains a cooking chamber too.

In the case of cooking a conventional oven is used for roasting and heating. Casseroles, meat, bread, cake and desserts are made with the help of the oven. You can find the use of gas and electricity as fuels in the modern oven. It is interesting to note that ovens are made use of in different purposes such as furnaces, autoclaves, kilns and industrial ovens.

A microwave on the other hand is available in different sizes such as portable or desktop, compact, medium capacity, large capacity and built-in. It is interesting to note that some people would like to have built-in microwaves in the cabinetry of the kitchen. Of course they are quite expensive when compared to the other types of microwaves.


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