Difference between Mind and Brain

Mind vs Brain

Though mind and brain are two terms that are understood to mean the same when used in the colloquial sense, there is a difference between mind and brain. There is certainly some difference between the two in their making. Brain is made of physical matter while mind is not made of physical matter. To be more elaborate brain is made up of cells, blood vessels and nerves to name a few. Mind is nothing but the thought that resides in the brain. Apart from thoughts, mind gives room for emotions, memories and dreams as well.

What does Mind mean?

If you say your mind is not good at the moment, then it only means that your thoughts are not good at the moment. Similarly, if you say that your mind is active then it would mean that you are clear in the mind. The mind bereft of thoughts is an active mind. Mind is without dimensions. It is the result of electrical impulsions across the brain. Mind has no definite place within the body. Philosophers understand the mind altogether as a different concept. They call it different from the body. It cannot be the soul either. It is a separate entity. Mind cannot be touched and studied. This is so because it is not made of any material. You can see the brain, but you cannot see the mind. It is invisible. Mind is a conglomeration of thoughts, memories and the like. Mind can be active one day and can be dull on some other day. Mind is akin to a computer that receives information from various sources. The sources can be anything ranging from your day to day experiences to your memories of the past. These thoughts and memories are translated into action later. The brain ultimately takes the credit for all your actions, good or bad. It is the mind that resides within the brain that does all the thinking and memorizing.

What does Brain mean?

Unlike mind, brain cannot be without dimensions. Brain has a definite place in the body. It is situated well within the most important part of the body, namely, the head. Since brain is made of material, it can be touched and studied. Brain has to function properly on all days. If brain ceases to function even on a single day, then life would be in danger. Brain can be diagnosed with diseases but mind cannot be diagnosed with diseases. Brain can be called the center of control of all the vital functions of the body.

Difference Between Mind and Brain

What is the difference between Mind and Brain?

• Brain is made of physical matter whereas mind is not made of physical matter.

• Brain can be touched and studied, but mind cannot be touched and seen. It is invisible.

• Brain is a conglomeration of nerves, cells, blood vessels and the like. Mind is a conglomeration of thoughts, memories, emotions and the like.

• Brain has a definite place within the body. It is placed in the most important part of the body, namely, the head. Mind has no definite place within the body. It is presumed to be residing within the brain.


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    you might be right but thinking and thoughts are the process in which we access our mental library or thoughts. These thoughts can be the past prensent or made up or even dreams. All thinking and thoughts have two states ether positive thoughts or negative thoughts, but who is to say which is right or wrong.