Difference Between Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are two popular web browsers. A web browser is required to view the websites on the internet. There are number of web browsers available in the market and all of them are free to download. Firefox and Chrome are among them. Firefox is developed by Mozilla while Chrome is developed by search giant Google.

Mozilla Firefox

The company Mozilla developed the Firefox web browser. It is the same company that developed the Netscape web browsers. In November 2004, the first version of Firefox was released. Due to multitude of features and open source license, it gained a number of users even during its initial phase. After the first version, a number of versions have been launched which added improved security and more features.

The benefit of being open source is that any programmer can work on the code of this web browser. The programmers may improve the features of the browser or they can create options for themselves. Advanced privacy settings and pop-up blockers are some of the specialized features of the Mozilla Firefox. Tabbed browsing is also offered by this browser which means that users can open multiple websites in the same browser window and can easily switch in-between them.

Several advanced search options are also included in this browser. Firefox also has the ability to make Smart Keywords that work with favorite sites of the users. In this way, users can go to the information directly without opening unnecessary websites. There is a specialized Find bar that allows users to search within a text without opening additional prompt boxes.

Google Chrome

Chrome is an internet browser developed by Google. It is one of the new web browsers available in the market. Minimalist approach is taken by Google Chrome in case of internet browsing. Although the browser looks simple but it has all the modern features possessed by other web browsers.

A number of new features are offered by Google Chrome. It has taken the process of tabbed browsing to the next level. When the browser is opened it shows the thumbnails of the most visited websites by the users instead of showing a blank page. In this way, users can directly navigate to the desired website.

The design of the browser may look simpler but Google believes that the browser has most advanced features. For example, if there is some conflict then the entire web session ends in the other web browsers but in Google Chrome, one tab freezes while other tabs continue to function in normal manner.

A number of ideas have been borrowed from other web browsers in Google Chrome. One of them is the URL bar which not only serves as an address bar but also acts as a search bar.

Difference between Firefox and Chrome

• Firefox is developed by Mozilla while Chrome is developed by Google Corporation.

• Google Chrome allows the feature of thumbnail view that allows users to navigate to the desired website more quickly but this feature is not present in Mozilla Firefox.

• There is a single process for all tabs in Firefox but Chrome creates a different process for each tab.

• Firefox is an old as well as stable web browser while Chrome being new is untested.