Difference Between Race and Racism

Race vs Racism

Though race and racism appears to be similar, they are not, and there is a definite difference between Race and Racism, which will be discussed in this article. Both race and racism can be seen in almost all the societies. Race is a way of differentiating among human kind, based on the biological, cultural and social relationships, etc. Racism can be defined as a way of treating others based on their race. Both exist in social constructions and the attitudes of people decide the influence of these on the total population of the country. Race has made a lot of different social groups all over the world and because of that we can see racism among these groups.

What is Race?

Race has been used as a way of giving an individual his/her group identity in a multi- ethnic, multi-cultural nation. Race is biologically inherited. Thus, it is an ascribed status. In deciding a race, people have considered of the biological factors, cultural factors, language, skin color, religion and may be social relationships as well. That means, we all belong to a particular race based on the above mentioned factors. However, it is impossible for an individual to change his/her race. Some scientists argue that the race is not a biological production but some of the others point out that people can be distinguished based on their physical traits as well.

Since the race is one of the major signals in differentiating among individuals, in some societies this has become a tool of discrimination as well. Some people ill-treat the other groups of people based on their race. However, social scientists use race as a main variable in studying social inequality and stratification. Based on the race, some societies have formed their own ideologies believing that their race is the most superior and see others as lower. Anyhow, race can be seen in all the societies and we all belong to a particular race.

What is Racism?

Racism is a kind of feeling that is associated with prejudice and superiority over one’s own race. Racism can be seen in certain social actions, beliefs, political behaviors and in social relationships as well. People who belong to a particular race may intend to think that their race is more superior to all the other races and based on this principle, they look down upon other racial groups.

Those who uphold the belief that their racial identity is better are known as racists. Due to theses racial ideologies, there can be sufferings for the underprivileged racial groups. Racial discrimination is lead by the racist mindsets and the most powerful groups oppress the dominated groups and there can be racial discrimination towards the disadvantaged group. This may sometimes include slavery and genocide where people suffer a lot due to their race. Racism could be practiced in institutions as well where some racial groups are not given job opportunities and facilities. However, racism is not a good thing to practice and everybody should be considered as equal human beings.

Difference Between Race and Racism

What is the difference between Race and Racism?

When we consider about race and racism, there are a lot of similarities and differences which we can identify.

• Each human being in the world belongs to a particular race but not all humans share racism.

• Also, race is decided depending on the physical traits, color, culture and social relationships, etc. whereas racism is a feeling that is upheld by individuals.
• On the other hand, race is biologically inherited and racism is developed later in life. Individuals cannot change their race, but they can change their racial attitudes later in their life.

• Also, racism is influenced by environmental and social factors as well.

However, race and racism can be seen all over the world and these have been used to differentiate people into several groups.