Difference Between Ruby and Garnet

Ruby vs Garnet

Ruby and Garnet are two of the finest gemstones on earth. Both gems are being fondly collected by women or gemstone fanatics. Both may be used to adorn jewelries such as rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Prices vary depending on the size, thickness and toughness of the stone attached.


Ruby when measured on a toughness meter called the Mohs scale measures around 9.0. This quantity means that a Ruby is tough or hard. It can withstand enormous pressure in comparison to other gemstones. The color of a Ruby ranges from deep blood red to brownish red, the most sought after Ruby color is the pigeon’s blood ruby which comes with a hefty price.


Garnet gemstones on the other hand have a toughness of 7.0 – 8.0 when measured on a Mohs scale. It has a significant difference compared to that of a Ruby. The color is closely similar to Ruby which is Red but can have different shades or different colors depending on the subclasses. Usually when a Garnet is used to adorn jewelries, the stone no longer needs further enhancements.

Difference between Ruby and Garnet

Ruby gemstones is tougher compared to Garnet. Ruby has a toughness meter of 9.0 while Garnet has only 7.0 – 8.0. Garnets are still considered hard or tough but not as strong as a Ruby. Ruby has a wonderful color of Red, it may have different shades of red but it only has one color. Garnet on the other hand may have Red as its color but depending on the subclass, colors may vary. When used to adorn or embellish jewelries, a Ruby needs treatments because it is imperfect. Garnet no longer needs any treatment or enhancements because it already is flawless.

Both gems are worth the money when it comes right down to it. However, it still is best to learn a thing or two to know the difference between each gemstone.

In brief:

• Ruby is tougher compared to Garnet.

• Ruby has a toughness of 9.0 when measure in Mohs scale while Garnet only measures 7 to 8.

• Ruby needs treatment before being used as embellishment while Garnet no longer needs any enhancements.