Difference Between Seabed and Land

Seabed vs Land

Seabed and land are connected to each other and may be the same in the sense that they both provide for the creatures living in their respective area, seabed for sea creatures and land for man, and all animals and insects that survive on dry land.


Seabed is also called as the ocean floor. Not a lot of people were given the opportunity to come, visit and explore the seabed because of some obvious reasons; first, it is the bottom of the ocean and, unless we can breath under the sea, getting there is difficult. And second, because of the first hindrance, experts invented devices man can use to go there but they are costly.


Man is pretty familiar to land, it is where we live. Land is defined as the part of the planet that is not covered by any forms or bodies of water. Since ¾ of the planet is covered with water, only ¼ is land. One can say that land is the planet’s part which man is more familiar and has explored well.

Difference between Seabed and Land

As mentioned, Earth is made up of 75 percent water and the other part being land. We all know that the sea and water creatures co-exist with the land creatures since eternity. Seabed has been home to countless sea creatures, some may unknown to man. Although man is doing his best to get to know all creatures living in both land and water, it is understandable that man knows more about land creatures compared to water creatures. And if you can see, with man’s invention, man is able to visit and explore the seabed, but seabed creatures can not.

Man is blessed with wisdom as he is able to make things possible including visiting the seabed; and it is his choice to use his knowledge for the better good.

In brief:

Seabed is covered with water; land is not.

Man can choose to visit seabed, sea creatures usually can not do that on their own.

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