Difference Between Slug and Buckshot

Slug vs Buckshot

Slug and buckshot are the names used for shots used inside shotgun. Because of a very large caliber, shotguns can make use of a variety of ammunition of which buckshot and slug are most commonly used. Many people remain confused between slug and buckshot. Both are used to have a huge impact upon game or a human being, but there are differences that you need to keep in mind before using them.


Buckshot is a shotgun shot that contains many small pellets inside a shell. These pellets are made of mostly lead though there are today some other substitutes of lead pellets that are also being used. The name of the shot indicates that it was designed to be used for hunting game like deer (buck). It is still very much in use among law enforcement authorities. Interestingly, a larger number indicates a smaller shot whereas a small number indicates a large shot. When loaded with buckshot, the pellets inside spread out to increase the chances of hitting the target. However, because of spreading, most pellets miss the target, but this is considered OK when this shot is used in shotgun as only a few pellets hitting the game is enough.


A slug is a kind of shot for shotgun where the shell contains a single large sized pellet. Slug is used to hunt large game. The projectile in slug is a lead pellet that is covered with copper. A slug is heavier than the bullet that is used in a rifle. With a shotgun, slug gives a similar performance like a bullet in a rifle.

Slug vs Buckshot

• Buckshot and slug are two different shots used inside shotgun.

• Buckshot consists of many small pellets inside the shell whereas slug contains a heavy single pellet made of lead that s covered with copper.

• Buckshot was so named as it was meant to hunt game like a buck.

• Pellets in buckshot spread out upon being fired and most of them miss the target.

• Slug is used to hunt larger game.