Difference Between Social Science and Social Studies

Social Science vs Social Studies

Social science and Social studies are two terms that are used to indicate two different subjects. Social study is the combined studies of social science and humanities. The objective of the study of social studies is to promote a healthy citizenry. On the other hand, social science is a subject that deals with the study of social life of people or groups of individuals. This is the main difference between social science and social studies.

Social science includes subjects such as geography, history, economics, psychology, political science, and more importantly sociology. The study of sociology forms a very important part of the subject of social science.

It is important to know that economics is a branch of social science that deals with the production and distribution of goods and services. It is a social science that studies about the supply and demand for particular goods or service. It studies the growth of population and its effect on the supply and distribution of products, goods and services.

Human race and various events connected with the human race along with the study of archeological findings of the past constitute another important branch of social science called as history. The theory and practice of politics is covered by the subject of political science, which is one of the most important social sciences. Geography for that matter consists in the study of the planet Earth and its inhabitants. It is an important social science that throws enormous light on factor such as climatic conditions, temperature, earthquakes and other natural phenomena.

The accomplishment of civic prominence is the chief objective of social studies. It is important to note that social studies is first taught at the primary level in schools. The study of social studies is primary centered on the aspects of human society. The various discussions connected with social studies are mostly opinion-led discussions. On the other hand, the discussions connected with social sciences need not be opinion-led discussions. This is one of the chief differences between social science and social studies.

As a matter of fact, social studies should never be considered as synonymous with social sciences. This is due to the fact that social studies varies greatly between countries and set ups. Social studies pertaining to one country may not concur with the social studies pertaining to another country. These are the differences between social science and social studies.