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Difference Between Street and Avenue

Street vs Avenue

It is important to note that both the street and the avenue are related to roads, but they show some differences between them. In short it can be said that a street is a small road whereas an avenue is a big street.

A Street can be defined as a small road made between two rows of houses. In other words it can be said that a street has houses on both sides. An avenue on the other hand does not have more number of houses, but on the other hand it has buildings and offices, shops, banks, commercial establishments and the like. It is generally a confluence of several roads, whereas a street on the other hand is a single road, with or without extension. In North American an avenue is a thoroughfare running at right angles to the streets in a city

A Street is not characterized by the presence of heavy traffic. On the contrary you would find a lot of traffic on an avenue. This is due to the fact that an avenue has several commercial establishments and offices apart from other business establishments. The excessive traffic on an avenue is also due to the fact that it is a confluence of several roads.

More people use a street to pass through whereas an avenue is largely used by vehicles to pass through. You will find less number of houses on an avenue whereas a street has more number of houses.

Street and avenue differ in terms of their width too. An avenue is much wider than a street. An avenue is normally three or four times wider than a street. Traffic comes from several directions on an avenue whereas traffic passes through at the most from two directions in a street. It is easy to find someone’s address in a street whereas finding the address of someone is very difficult on an avenue. The avenue also denotes a tree lined approach to a country house or similar building in British.


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