Difference Between Tapers and Pinchers

Tapers vs Pinchers

Taper and pincher are two of the things used by professional piercer to stretch your ears. Usually, many use these two for self-expression. Using a taper or a pincher on your body falls in the category of body art forms and piercing.


A taper is a conical rod usually made for the purpose of tapering, a piercing technique used to stretch the skin, more commonly that of the earlobe. Most comes in varying lengths and designs but are usually recognized by the gauge of its large end. Most are made from acrylic or implant grade surgical steels. Then, any weights or jewelry can be attached on the taper for decoration or to speed up the stretching.


A pincher is another tool used by professional piercer to pierce on to the skin. It can be used as jewelries. These usually come in crescents shape or “u” shape and are best pierced in the ears, nose or eyebrows. Most kind of pinchers are made from colorful acrylic materials, sterling steel, titanium, or surgical steels. Furthermore, it can also stretch a part of your skin much similar to a taper.

Difference between Taper and Pincher

Tapers and pinchers are extensively used by piercers and enthusiasts to express themselves. To some, it is a painful art form. Tapers are long cone-shaped rods or jewelries and are primarily used to extend the skin while pinchers are usually curved or twisted, but not spiral, jewelries which have the same purpose as that of the taper. Tapers have usually a small gauge at one point then slowly becoming larger at the other point whereas pinchers have two tapered ends with gauge situated in the middle of the curve.

Whichever you may choose, a taper, a pinchers, or both just always make sure that it provides you an avenue of self-expression and personal satisfaction.

In brief:

• Tapers are conical rod that starts from a smaller gauge and little by little ends with a larger gauge.

• Pinchers are “u”-shaped or crescent-shaped jewelry with the thick middle part is where the gauge is placed.

• Both are used by piercers and enthusiast for body art form.

• Both are used to elongate the skin for self-expression.