Difference Between Technique and Technology

Technique vs Technology

Technique and Technology are words that are closely related but have different meanings. These words confuse many people as they cannot decide which one to use in a particular context and a sentence. While technique is a way of doing a thing or activity, technology is a word used to refer to complex processes and principles of science used in gadgets and appliances. This article attempts to highlight the differences between technique and technology to help remove confusion in the minds of the readers.


Two players playing table tennis and following the same rules and making use of the same equipment such as a racquet and a ball can seem to be playing with contrasting styles. Their styles are dependent upon the techniques of holding the bats and making strokes. Smashing the ball with the bat is one technique of hitting the ball whereas slicing the racquet at the time of making contact with the ball gives it a spinning motion that is altogether a different technique. Thus, it becomes clear that style of playing or doing the same thing differently is called a technique.

While computer technology has come a long way in the last few decades, the technique of data entry remains old by making use of typewriter or the keyboard. Similarly, though there has been a sea of changes in technology of cars, the basic aspect of driving utilizes the same age old technique. There are many players playing cricket and to an outsider who does not know anything about cricket all players may look like doing the same things, different players have their own techniques of batting, fielding, and bowling that are palpable to connoisseurs.


Technology is a word that is used to refer to scientific principles and complex processes that go inside a gadget or appliance. We talk about computer technology, communication technology (to refer to progress that has been made in recent times), medical technology, and so on. Simpler words and phrases are coined to explain difficult processes such as RO for reverse osmosis and UV for purification of water through ultraviolet rays. Though people still do not understand the basic principle behind these technologies, they talk in terms of RO and UV and such phrases become commonplace. The same holds true about LED and LCD televisions that refer to two different technologies called liquid crystal display and light emitting diode respectively.

The technology advances in every field and the results are visible to everyone. From the earliest printing press to modern desktop printing, printing has come of age. The same can be said about cameras, televisions, computers, and just about everything we make use of in the name of gadgets, in our lives. However, technology is not limited to hardware and electrical or electronic appliances as technology has evolved in clothing, accessories, cleaning, driving, writing, reading, and almost in every other aspect of our lives to enrich our lives and to make things simpler and easier for us.

What is the difference between Technique and Technology?

• Technique is a way or style of doing things, whereas technology is the application of scientific principles behind the working of gadgets.

• Technology keeps on advancing to make appliances smarter and more efficient.

• Different people have different techniques of making use of the same technology.

• Application of science and engineering takes the shape of technology.