Difference Between Tiara and Crown

Tiara vs Crown

The word crown is attached inextricably with kings and queens, and it refers to the headgear that was worn by royalties in earlier times. It was mostly a piece of ornament that rested on the heads of the emperors and queens and reflected authority. There is another word tiara that represents a type of crown worn by mostly ladies as an ornament over their heads. This article takes a closer look at these two ornamental head gear to come up with their differences.


Crown has been a symbol and reflection of authority. It was an ornamental headgear worn by the kings and emperors through the history of monarchies. Even today we can see queens and kings appear wearing these headgears when they address their people or take part in formal ceremonies. A crown has a circular base made of precious metal, and it has a design all over that makes it look impressive and attractive. Deities in many religions are also depicted wearing these crowns.

Crowns are mostly valuable and contain many jewels embedded on them. Different empires and dynasties around the world have had their own distinct headgears or crowns to make their rulers appear unique and above the rest of the people. There was a time when only the gods and rulers were meant to wear crowns.


A tiara is a semicircular piece of ornament worn by women on formal occasions. Earlier it was meant to be worn as an adornment by women belonging to royal families only. Today tiaras are worn by little girls on functions and festivals and by some young ladies during their weddings. Queen Elizabeth is fond of this headgear and has a large collection of tiaras. Bridal tiaras constitute an important part of the attire of a bride.

Tiara is an ornament that covers the front of the head only. But Papal tiara is an exception in the sense that it is very high and triple layered. At one point of time, Popes wore this triple tiara on formal occasions to address the disciples.

What is the difference between Tiara and Crown?

• Crown has been worn by kings and queens in diffident civilizations as their headgear.

• Crown is a symbol of authority and superiority.

• Tiara is a type of crown.

• Crown has a circular base while a tiara has a semicircular base.

• Crown covers the entire head, whereas tiara covers only the front part of the head.

• Crown is worn by both men as well as women whereas tiara is worn mostly by women.

• Crown is usually higher than a tiara.

• Crown is a generic word for headgear worn as adornment.

• Bridal tiara is worn by brides during their wedding.

• Papal tiara is high and has triple layers.