Difference Between Toms and Bobs

Toms vs Bobs

Toms and Bobs are two different brands of shoes. Skechers is the company that makes Bobs. The two shoes look quite similar to each other confusing many people. There are even people who feel that they are rip-offs of one another as they cannot find a difference between the two brands of shoes. However, despite similarities, Toms and Bobs are different shoes and their differences will be highlighted in this article.


Bobs is a brand of shoes made and sold by Skechers, one of the largest shoe companies of the country. Bobs shoes are made of canvas and available in many different styles for men, women, and kids. These shoes are available in plain colors and also floral prints to make them alluring for women. If you check these shoes at the website of the company, you would find that the company accepts that it was inspired by the idea of donating a pair for every pair of shoes sold. This was the idea that launched Bobs. Since their launch in 2009, Skechers has donated nearly 4 million pairs of shoes to needy children in USA and in 25 other countries of the world. Bobs shoes are stylish, but they are also very comfortable.


Toms is a company that makes shoes and other accessories. Toms shoes are being sold across the country for quite some time. Toms shoes are famous for their tagline ‘One for One’, whereby they donate a pair of new shoes for every pair that they sell. If you go to the website of the company, you would know that the company has been donating shoes in more than 60 countries of the world for the past many years. Toms sells products other than shoes also, and it says that it is guided by the mission of helping a person in need with every product that it sells.

What is the difference between Toms and Bobs?

• Bobs is a brand of shoes sold by Skechers, whereas Toms is a brand owned by Blake Mycoskie.

• Bobs is at least $10-$20 costlier than Toms.

• Toms sell other accessories in addition to shoes.

• Bobs and Toms donate a pair of shoes for every pair that they sell.

• Toms shoes are being sold for a longer time than Bobs shoes.

• There are many who feel that one of these is a copy of the other.

• Toms has donated more than a million pairs of shoes so far in more than 60 countries, whereas Bobs shoes have been donated in 20 countries.

• Both Bobs and Toms are shoes made of canvas.

  • Commonwealth10

    They are both rip offs for their designs of the shoes.

    Bobs replicated Toms business model. But don’t quite shed a tear for Toms just yet. At the heart of Toms business model is cold hard $$. The “1-1″ slogan is just marketing feel goodness to court female shoppers. They hope to make the consumer emotional about the purchase. Emotionally connected consumers spend more money. They make money off their marketing that drives the business model, like every other business in the world.