Difference Between Tortellini and Ravioli

Tortellini vs Ravioli

If you are from Italy, you probably adore them, but even those outside Italy have heard and tasted Tortellini and Ravioli, two of the most delicious pasta recipes. Actually these are stuffed pasta recipes that are made differently and look different also with Tortellini being round in shape and having a hole inside whereas Ravioli are square in shape with no hole inside them.

Stuffed pasta is adored all over Italy and you can find these dishes wherever you go inside Italy and nowadays these dishes are to be found around the world, especially in places having Italian presence. In earlier times, Tortellini and Ravioli, which are made of pasta dough having meat based filling inside, were considered to be delicacies to be eaten only on weekends as they were considered to be expensive. In those times, the stuffing was vegetable based as poor could not afford meat all the time. You can easily find freshly made Ravioli and Tortellini in the food section of any super market but if you choose to make your own pasta recipes, you can decide on the stuffing according to your taste.

In both Tortellini as well as Ravioli, stuffing can be meat, vegetable or even fish. There are recipes with creamy cheeses inside also. Good thing about both Tortellini and ravioli is that one can have them in broth of meat, chicken or even dish.

In brief:

Tortellini vs Ravioli

• Both Tortellini and ravioli are stuffed pasta recipes that are loved all over the world, especially where there are Italians.

• While Tortellini is round with a hole inside, Ravioli are square in shape.

• Ravioli do not have a hole inside them.