Difference Between Vampires and Zombies

Vampires vs Zombies

There is a wealth of difference between the two terms vampires and zombies. Although both of them return back from the state of death, the process of returning back from death is different in both the cases.

Vampires are from the Slavic mythology. A vampires returns after death and is evil in nature. It begins to suck blood from the living. It is interesting to note that vampires are very much conscious of what they are doing. Zombies on the contrary are folklore from African American culture. These characters are prevalent in the Caribbean too.

As a matter of fact a zombie is a dead corpse brought back to life by an evil sorcerer. He uses the zombie as a slave to achieve his own ends. Although the zombies are portrayed as flesh eating monsters in movies and other descriptions, strictly speaking they were not so. Zombies are often described as the dead that start from their graves and roam about frightening people without any reason. Nothing is told in literature regarding how they can be killed.

Vampires on the other hand move about in search of warm blood for their survival. They are described as lovers of sleep in day time. Vampires are described as growing weak in the absence of blood. They are said to die by the exposure to sunlight. It is quite interesting to note that there is no substantial evidence to prove the existence of either a vampire or a zombie.

One of the main differences between a vampire and a zombie is that a vampire is an evil spirit that gropes for human blood. On the contrary a zombie is under the direct control of a master who is adept in sorcery. He performs the act of the creation of a zombie with an intention to bring about selfish wants.