Difference Between Veal and Venison

Veal vs Venison

Veal and venison are two types of meat obtained from different types of hoofed mammals. There are many differences between them, but those are not widely known among people. Therefore, it would be important to know some of the main differences between veal and venison as in this article. The presented information in this article would be important to be aware of for the both consumers as well as non-consumers of veal and venison.


Flesh of both male and female young cattle of any breed is known as veal. Although veal has no limitation from the sex and the breed of cattle, age has a significant effect on its classification. There are five types of veal classified according to the age of calves. Bob veal comes from five-day-old calves, which is the youngest type of veal. Formula-fed veal, aka Milk-fed veal is the meat of 18 to 20 weeks old calves, and this is ivory to cream in colour with a firm and fine velvety appearance. Non-formula fed veal, aka Red veal or Grain-fed veal, comes from 22 to 26 weeks old calves, and this meat is dark in colour at this stage. Rose veal is pink in colour and it comes from 35 weeks old calves. Free raised veal comes from the calves that are raised in the pasture, and they being slaughtered around 24 weeks of age. These are popular in Italian and French cuisines, and are considered as a delicious food with their tenderness textures.


Venison is the meat that comes from deer. The term venison describes any meat from game animals killed by hunting. Additionally, it refers to meat from any deer species, hares, and wild boars. However, nowadays the consumption and production of venison is restricted in many countries by conservation acts. Venison is a diversified food and comes in many ways viz. streaks, roasts, sausages, jerky, and minced meat. It mostly tastes like beef, but venison is richer with a gamey or wild flavour. In comparison to beef, venison has a finer and leaner texture. Usually, venison leans are higher in moisture and rich in calories, but those are less in cholesterol and fat. It is usually red in colour and cooking and processing time is low, because of the tenderness in texture.

What is the difference between Veal and Venison?

· Veal is the meat of young cattle, whereas venison is the meat of game animals. Additionally, veal comes from different breeds of the same species, whereas venison could come from different species of game animals including deer, boar, and hare.

· Veal is pale pink or ivory to cream in colour, but venison is always red in colour.

· Veal is categorised according to the age of the calves, but there is no such categorization for venison.

· Venison has less calories, cholesterol, and fat compared to veal.

· Venison has more moisture compared to venison.