Difference Between Yahoo mail and Gmail

Yahoo mail vs Gmail

Yahoo mail and Gmail are two of the most popular email services. The prime email service providers are Yahoo, Google, Hotmail and MSN. E-mail or Electronic mail is the most successful product of the Internet. Email is the method of sending and receiving digital messages across the internet among single or multiple users. Basically it was a medium to exchange text messages but nowadays digital files of any type like pictures, video or anything under permitted size can be attached and transmitted through an email. Earlier it was used by government agencies and big companies like IBM for their internal purposes. Later with the increasing popularity of internet, E-mail evolved as an inevitable tool among the internet users.

Today almost every internet giants offer email service free of cost across the internet. The fact is; majority of them grew large offering email services.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo is a Web Portal based in California, USA offering various services over the internet like World Wide Web search, E-mail, E-commerce, Instant Messenger, Web hosting, Social networking and so on. Yahoo was cofounded by Jerry Yang and David Filo, the graduate students from Stanford in January 1994. Yahoo started its web mail services under the name Yahoo mail on October 8, 1997, with Linux at the server end. Yahoo started offering unlimited storage capacity to users in 2008 to cop up with strict competition in free email provider segment. Currently, two versions of Yahoo mail are online; first one is Ajax interface version which the company adopted from Oddpost in 2004 and the latter, the classic Yahoo mail interface with which the company started.


Google is an internet giant, an American Multinational based in Mountain view, California. Internet search, Cloud computing and advertising technologies are the areas in which the company is interested. The company co-founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, generate income mainly from the Google masterpiece, the Ad Words Program. Google entered the Webmail segment on April 1, 2004 under the name Gmail. Gmail has an advertising supported interface which functions in tune with the Ad Sense program of Google. Gmail was the first webmail to employ Ajax Programming technique for its search oriented interface.

Differences between Yahoo Mail and Gmail

• Gmail lets you add attachments more conveniently from the same screen where you are composing an email, while Yahoo moves onto another page for attachments.

• In Yahoo, you may require to add boxes for more than five attachments, some may find these features bothering.

• Another great thing Gmail offers is the chat module integrated to the email module. This may help in communicating with contacts that are online rather sending emails. Also chat module offers an invisible mode for those who need chat when they really need it. On the other hand Yahoo sticks onto its independent Instant Messenger for chatting.

• Another difference is the way Yahoo Mail and Gmail stores contacts. Gmail automatically stores all email addresses to which you sent and receive emails to your contact list. While in Yahoo Mail; you can opt to save a contact to your list or not.

• The webmail is arranged in a conversation model in Gmail as in an Instant Messenger. Every time you reply to someone, it will be added as a conversation to the primary email. This will help in looking up things in the conversation easier. However some may feel it annoying to create a new email to change the subject line. On the contrary, Yahoo Mail treats every conversation unique.

• Last but not the least, Yahoo Mail is more vulnerable to Spam emails than Gmail.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/gmail-vs-yahoo-mail Andrew (Gmail user)

    I prefer Gmail over Yahoo for a number of reasons. Like you say, Yahoo Mail is more vulnerable to spam. Gmail’s spam filter is just much better, it filters out probably 99% of spam messages or more so they don’t end up in my inbox.

    Besides, when I open Yahoo Mail, it goes to a “homepage” with ads and news and stuff, if I open Gmail it goes directly into inbox (much better and saves your time).