Difference Between CBI and RAW

CBI vs RAW | CBI India, RAW India There are several investigative and intelligence agencies in India. Among these, the names of RAW and CBI are known to most of the people. However, though CBI has become as popular (and perhaps as infamous) as the police force, not many people are aware of the kind […]

Difference Between Intelligence Bureau (IB) and CBI

Intelligence Bureau (IB) vs CBI | IB India, CBI India Very few people are aware of the functioning of various intelligence agencies operating in India, leave alone knowing their specialized operations and mode of working. There are CB and CID at state level while there are IB, RAW and CBI at the central level. All […]

Difference Between Indian Army and Pakistan Army

Indian Army vs Pakistan Army Trying to find out differences between two armies is a difficult task as one can easily talk about in numbers but the quality of the armies is difficult to gauge and is demonstrated only during a war. India and Pakistan have lived like adversaries ever since they got independence in […]

Difference Between Indian RAW and Pakistan ISI

Indian RAW vs Pakistan ISI The British had left India with IB, the lone intelligence agency. It was after facing two wars, first with China in 1962, and then with Pakistan in 1965, that the government felt a need for a separate external intelligence agency as a lack of proper intelligence was noticed. Thus came […]

Difference Between IB and RAW

IB vs RAW It is important to know that although both IB and RAW are Indian intelligence agencies, there is difference between them. IB is the Intelligence Bureau of India and is India’s internal intelligence agency. RAW is the Research and Analysis Wing of India and is India’s external intelligence agency. This is one of […]

Difference Between CBI and NIA

CBI vs NIA CBI and NIA are two of the Indian Government agencies responsible for the safety and security of India and its people. CBI is Central Bureau of Investigation of India whereas NIA is National Investigation Agency of India. One of the main differences between CBI and NIA is that CBI is an agency […]