Difference Between Health Promotion and Health Education

Health Promotion vs Health Education   Health education and health promotion are concepts that are hogging limelight these days in different parts of the world. These two have become important tools in the hands of policy makers and authorities in different countries to help people attain high standards of health and wellness. While health education […]

Difference Between Mediclaim and Health Insurance

Mediclaim vs Health Insurance Health insurance has become a necessity in these times as the cost of treatment of illnesses at hospitals has skyrocketed. Though people who are young and healthy think of health insurance as wastage of money, one never knows when a critical illness, accident or medical emergency may suddenly arise. And just […]

Difference Between EPO and PPO

EPO vs PPO EPO and PPO are two popular health insurance plans available in the USA. As prices of health care services are escalating all the time, it is prudent to get yourself medically insured with one or the other plan. It is important to choose a health plan after considering its features, benefits and […]

Difference Between Health Care and Health Insurance

Health Care vs Health Insurance Health care and Health insurance are two phrases, loosely taken to be one and the same. When we talk about Australia, people opt for health insurance from private companies to boost and supplement their health care options they are supposed to get under the national health care system, also known […]