Difference Between Affluent and Effluent

Affluent vs Effluent

There is a clear difference between the meanings of Affluent and Effluent even though they appear quite similar when paying attention to the words itself. If you observe closely the only difference between the two words, stem from the first letter of both words. In the word affluent, it is an ‘a,’ but in effluent it is an ‘e.’ However, when examining the meaning of each word, there is a contrasting difference between the two words. Let us define the two words first. The word affluent can be defined as being wealthy, rich and prosperous. On the other hand, the word effluent can be defined as liquid wastage. This clearly shows that these are completely different from one another in terms of their meaning. Through this article let us examine the two words while highlighting the differences.

What does Affluent mean?

The word affluent can be defined as being wealthy and prosperous. This is usually used in the form of an adjective. It can be used to describe an individual who earns a lot. Let us look at an example as to how this word can be used in a sentence.

Since he got promoted, my cousin has been leading an affluent lifestyle.

He is very affluent that he can do whatever he wishes even at this young age.

Look at both sentences. In each sentence, the word affluent has been used as an adjective. In the first example, the word is used in order to describe the luxurious lifestyle of the individual. It highlights that the individual is wealthy and prosperous, which allows him to enjoy the luxury.

In the second sentence, the adjective has been used to describe a characteristic of the individual. Being wealthy or affluent allows the individual to do as he pleases.

Difference Between Affluent and Effluent

What does Effluent mean?

Effluent can be defined as liquid wastage or sewage. The discharge of wastage into waterways has become a critical environmental issue in the modern world. Specially, the discharge of chemicals and poisonous elements to the waterways harm not only human beings who consume the water, but also destroys aquatic life. In this sense, it leads to environmental pollution.

Let us examine some examples in order to understand the usage of the word.

The discharge of effluent can be very harmful to the environment.

The new factory discharges effluent to the river.

Both examples highlight that effluent, unlike the word affluent, has to be used as a noun. It explains the damage that can be caused due to its discharge to the natural environment.

Affluent vs Effluent

What is the difference between Affluent and Effluent?

• Definition of Affluent and Effluent:

• Affluent can be defined as being wealthy and prosperous.

• Effluent can be defined as liquid wastage or sewage.

• Part of Speech:

• The word affluent is an adjective used to describe a noun.

• The word effluent is a noun.

• Usage:

• Affluent is used to describe a characteristic, lifestyle, etc.

• The word effluent refers to wastage.


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