Difference Between Altogether and All Together

Key Difference – Altogether vs All Together

Altogether and All Together are two words that are often confused by many people. Although they look and sound alike, these two words do not have the same meaning. Altogether is a synonym which means as a whole or everything considered. All together is a phrase made up of two words and means collectively. This is the key difference between altogether and all together.

What Does Altogether Mean?

Altogether is an adverb that has the same meaning as to the full extent, completely, as a whole, everything considered, etc. It has no any other function. Given below are some examples of this adverb.

The house has ten rooms altogether. – The house has ten rooms in total.

I stopped going to work altogether.

I was not sure altogether what she meant by it, but I understood that it was an insult.

After the first hour of lecture, I stopped listening altogether and nodded my head every now and then.

Difference Between Altogether and All Together

This building has 34 apartment units altogether.

What Does All Together Mean?

All together is a phrase that is made of two words: all and together. All together means all at once, all in one place or group. It can be never used as an adverb.

The class reunion brought us all together.

The young men stood all together on the road.

They left the party all together.

You get a chance to see your favourite celebrities all together.

The old man wanted to see his grandchildren all together.

We can also use other words in between the two words all and together. For example,

They all left together.

Difference Between Altogether and All Together

They all posed together.

What is the difference between Altogether and All Together?


Altogether means completely, as a whole, to the full extent, etc.

All Together means all in one place or in a group.

Grammatical Category:

Altogether is an adverb.

All Together is a phrase.


Altogether cannot be modified.

All Together can be modified by adding words between the two words.

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