Difference Between Arctic and Antarctic

Arctic vs Antarctic

The Arctic and the Antarctic show differences in their environment, weather, animal & plant life, human activity and the like. It is important to note that Antarctica is a continent surrounded by the world’s stormiest seas whereas the Arctic is a sea with the masses of other lands in the circle. A belt of floating mass of ice debris called the ice pack surrounds the continent of Antarctica.

The arctic is characterized by the blowing of mild winds whereas the Antarctic is characterized by the blowing of strong winds. This is the reason why the Antarctic is region is considered colder and windier than the Arctic region. Antarctica is covered by ice throughout the year, less than 5% of Antarctica is free of ice, and Arctic lands generally have a summer free from ice and snow.

They differ a lot when it comes to the human activity and animal and plant life existent on them. The Arctic has indigenous people and the Antarctic does not have indigenous people nor there any large land animals. The arctic region is characterized by the presence of the Eskimos and the Igloos. Polar bears are seen in plenty in the arctic region. On the other hand the Antarctic region is qualified by the presence of penguins and seals.

The Arctic region is characterized by the presence of trees whereas the Antarctic region has no trees. Masses of algae can be found in the Antarctic region and the Arctic region is devoid of masses of algae. It is interesting to note the difference in the behavior of animals of the Arctic and the Antarctic regions. Animals found on the Antarctic region are calm in nature whereas you would find fierce animals in the Arctic region.

The Arctic region has towns and other living places whereas the Antarctic region is devoid of towns and living places. The Arctic region was found long before the Antarctic region was founded.