Difference Between Bedspread and Quilt

Bedspread vs Quilt

Bed holds great importance for most of us as we expect to have a night full of rest and sound sleep over it. This is why we make sure that the material or fabric over which we lie down is comfortable and also looks attractive. Across nations and cultures, many different names are given to bedclothes that we find laid over the bed. Two of such are bedspread and quilt that has some similarities between them thus confusing some people. This article attempts to make clear the difference between a bedspread and a quilt depending upon their appearance and function.


As the name implies, a bedspread is a decorative piece of cloth that is laid over a bed and has to be removed before a person is ready to sleep at night. It is neither a bed sheet nor a bedcover but is instead something that is meant for decorating the bed and is large in size to go down across all sides and even touch the floor at times. The bedspread even covers the pillows that are not to be seen once bedspread has been laid over the bed. Thus, it is bigger in size than a coverlet.


A quilt is a piece of cloth that is intended to provide warmth to the sleeping person. It is not to be slept over like a bed sheet. However, it remains a bed covering during day time and hence the confusion with a bedspread. Usually a quilt has layers of cotton or other fabrics, or feathers inside that are held in place by stitches in a pattern. This particular style of stitching is referred to as quilting in many countries. There are many different patterns and designs that are made using quilting. These are culturally important pieces of clothing as they are presented as gifts on many occasions such as childbirth, marriage, anniversary, etc.

What is the difference between Bedspread and Quilt?

• Both bedspread and quilts are used as a bedding to lie over the bed in the day time thus confusing many.

• Bedspread is a decorative cloth that covers a bed along with pillows and almost reaches the floor on all sides.

• A quilt is a pre-filled sheet that is used to provide warmth during winters.

• A quilt usually has layers of fabrics, cotton, or feathers held in place with a method of stitching called quilting.

• There are distinct layers in a quilt whereas a bedspread may or may not have filling.

• Bedspread is usually lighter in weight than a quilt.