Difference Between Beer and Lager

Beer vs Lager

Beer and lager are both classified as alcoholic drinks. Alcoholic drinks may differ from country to country but one thing is for sure, in any country there are people that drink either beer or lager. Both drinks have been around for a long time.


Beer is believed to be the most consumed among all alcoholic drinks in the world. In fact it is ranked third most consumed liquid right behind tea and the universal solvent water, can you imagine that? It is commonly manufactured through fermenting and brewing grain starches usually from malted barley. Not only is beer the most consumed it also is one of the earliest alcoholic drink man has known.


Lager on the other hand is a type of beer. Same as beer, it is generally brewed but they are commonly kept at temperatures which are low. In the ancient times, lager are stored and kept in caves. Most lagers are light and mild and gives a clean crispy flavor. Unlike the typical beers which are made from malted barley, lagers are beers produced using rice or sometimes maize.

Difference between Beer and Lager

In general, beer is a broader term; it has quite a number of variations and types. These variations include lager; lager is a type of beer. One distinct characteristic the production of lagers has is that they need to be kept in cold storage while other beers do not need that. One can definitely say that all lagers are considered beer. But one can not conclude that all beers are also lagers. Beer can be made from a variety of grains, although commonly made from malted barley while lagers can only be made either from rice or sometimes maize.

Alcoholic drinks have been a part of man’s history and culture. These drinks may differ in ingredients and how they are made though. One thing we should remember, lager is some kind of beer.

In brief:

• One can call a lager beer, but one can not call any beer as lager.

• Beer are usually made from malted barley while lager is usually made from rice or sometimes maize.