Difference Between Bibliography and Reference List

Bibliography vs Reference List

Bibliography and Reference List are two terms that are used in the field of research methodology and are often confused when it comes to their meanings. Bibliography is the list of books and journals referred in the making of a dissertation or a thesis. On the other hand reference is the location in a particular book from which a particular paragraph or a point is referred in the dissertation or in the thesis. This is the major difference between the two terms bibliography and reference.

Sometimes the word ‘bibliography’ refers to the list of book of a specific author or publisher. It also refers to the list of books on a specific subject. The history or description of books is also referred to by the word bibliography. Sometimes bibliography gives the description of the authors and editions of the books.

Bibliography is considered a vital part of any thesis for that matter. This is because of the fact that the evaluation of the thesis is made normally based on the books referred by the researcher in writing the thesis. Hence bibliography is a kind of acknowledgement to the various books and journals referred by the writer of the thesis in writing the thesis.

The researcher might have incorporated some of the ideas echoed in the books in his thesis or might have simply referred the books to get more knowledge in the subject. He mentions the location of information from any given book in the footnote of a page as reference list. Footnotes are basic sources of reference made by the researcher in writing the thesis or dissertation.

Bibliography and reference need certain rules and regulations to follow and hence are considered as a form of art. Writing bibliography and reference forms a part of the research study. These are the differences between bibliography and reference list.