Difference Between Camber and Rocker

Camber vs Rocker

Rocker and camber are the terms associated with the shape of a skateboard, ski, or kayak. If you look at the shape of a ski or a snowboard form side, you find that its shape is such that it is curved, and the board does not touch the ground at the centre but at the tip and the tail with a convex shape at the center. Camber and rocker are two shapes or bends of the board that are in vogue these days. Many people remain confused whether they should buy the traditional camber or whether they should go on with the rocker shape. This article takes a closer look at these two shapes, rocker and camber, to come up with their differences.

What is Camber?

If you place a ski on a level ground and look at it from sideways, you will find that the shape is such that it tapers at the waist while being wider at the head and the tail. The ski rests at two points that are at the tail and the head while it remains raised from the ground at the centre or the waist. This slight arch in the middle of the ski is referred to as its camber. It is the camber of a ski that brings the spring and pop into the ski. The camber of a ski provides its stability and gives the individual a kind of maneuverability that is desired by him. Camber also allows for better gripping and better control while turning. Camber as a technique to make skis and snowboards was used by manufacturers in Norway and it remained popular throughout the 20th century.

What is Rocker?

Rocker is a shape that was introduced in 2002. It is essentially a shape that is just the opposite of camber. This is the reason rocker is sometimes also referred to as reverse or negative camber. If you look at a rocker from sideways you would be reminded of the rocking chair that your grandparents use at home. It is the mid section of the ski in a rocker that rests at the ground while the head and the tail remain raised above the ground slightly.

What is the difference between Rocker and Camber?

• Camber is a shape of the skis and snowboards that allows the head and the tail to press in the ground while the centre or the waist remains slightly raised in the air

• Rocker is a shape that is opposite of camber. It is the ski shape that makes it touch the ground at the center with the head and the tail remaining slightly raised in the air.

• The camber shape remained very popular throughout 20th century and rocker came into existence as late as 2002 when late Shane McConkey introduced it in 2002 with his famous Volant Spatula.

• Rocker is also known as reverse camber or negative camber in some places.

• Rocker shape is believed to give better maneuverability over snow, especially in deep snow where this shape allows the user to float over the snow.


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