Difference Between Cane Corso and Kangal

Cane Corso vs Kangal

Both Cane Corso and Kangal are not highly known among the most, yet there are many admirable characteristics about Cane Corso and Kangal. Knowing the characteristics of breeds such as these would be important, as sometimes they can offer better care than most the popular breeds could not.

Cane Corso

Cane Corso is an Italian large breed of dog kept as a guardian, companion, and hunter. They belong to the dog breed group of Italian Molosser. They have a well-developed body with a physique rich in musculature. Their height at withers is about 62 to 69 centimetres and the standard weight could range from 40 to 50 kilograms. They have a moderately tight skin, but some dogs have dewlaps in the neck area and hanging jaws. One of their distinctive characteristics is the wide and long muzzle, which, in fact, is in the ration of 2:1 length to width. Cane Corso ears are medium in size and dropped forward, but some owners like have their ears cropped. Tail docking is common for this breed. They commonly come with black or fawn coloured coats and sometimes with brindle. There are white markings on the chest, toes, and chin area.

Cane Corso’s temperament should be handled with care, and should be socialized well as they are little aggressive from their genes. In addition, they are not friendly towards strangers, but very closely attached to their primary owners, and they live about 10 to 11 years.


Among all the dog breeds, Kangal is special, as it is the national breed of country Turkey. Kangals are known for their black mask that comes in different colour variations such as solid pale tan and sable in the coat. Kangal is an early mastiff dog, which is well-known as a sheep dog. However, these dogs have been used as a guardian dog of the livestock. They are, indeed, excellent guardians with a great deal of protectiveness about their owners, and the loyalty and gentleness with children and other animals should be admired.

Kangals are large sized dogs with the standard measurements vary around 76 -81 centimetres and 71 – 76 centimetres as the height at withers in males and females. Their accepted weights are 50 – 66 kilograms in males and 41 – 54 kilograms in females. These particular measurements of kangals are comparatively lower than most of the other mastiff breeds. Kangals have a dense and short coat, which never gets feathery. These independent, calm, and obedient dogs make themselves popular among people, especially due to the ease of raising and the protectiveness that they can offer to the owner.

Cane Corso vs Kangal

• Cane Corso is an Italian dog breed while kangal is a Turkish breed.

• Kangal is larger and heavier than Cane Corso.

• Cane Corso comes with different fur colours, whereas kangal is available in pale or tan colour with varying amounts of sable guard hairs.

• Cane Corso is an ear-docked and tail-cropped breed but not the kangals.

• Kangals are friendly with owners as well as with other animals, whereas Cane Corso feels remote with strangers but friendly with owners.

• Black mask is present in kangal but not in Cane Corso.