Difference Between Cotton and Wool

Cotton vs Wool

Cotton and wool are two of the most widely used natural products used for our clothing. While both provide comfort to us, wool is used in winters whereas cotton is used more during summers though there are many who use it all round the year. There are many differences between these two natural fabrics that will be highlighted in this article.


Cotton comes from the plant of cotton and is known to mankind since time immemorial. Cotton is the fluffy part around the seeds of the cotton plant ands is designed to help in carrying the seeds to longer distances through wind. Mankind has been using this natural fiber for the purpose of clothing since ancient civilizations. In all countries of the world, cotton is harvested to obtain natural fibers that are used to make fabrics of all kinds. Cotton combing is done to reflmove the seeds from the fiber and combed cotton is ready for spinning. We get threads of cotton after spinning that can be used both for knitting as well as weaving fabrics.


Wool comes from sheep, and is actually its hair or coat that is used to make fibers. The fleece of sheep has wonderful properties and can easily be converted into woolen threads that are used for the production of woolen apparels such as sweaters, jackets, and even trousers, socks and hats to provide warmth to human beings in winters. Wool can be both knitted as well as woven. Wool not only provides warmth, it has excellent moisture pulling property which is why people prefer it over other fabrics. It quickly pulls away any sweat that is produced and keeps a man dry. Wool can be dyed in attractive colors to make wonderful designs and patterns.

A shearer takes away the entire fleece from a sheep (which however re-grows quickly). It is then washed to remove impurities. Many types of wools are combined to get a perfect blend that is required for the dyeing process. Wool has elasticity that allows it to be drawn in long fibers that are spun to make them fit for knitting. It is then chemically shrunk so that the fabric does not shrink when washed by a customer. One fact that many do not know is that even goat hair is used to manufacture woolen clothing and goat hair is called mohair while sheep hair is called wool.

Difference Between Cotton and Wool

• Both cotton and wool are natural fibers but whereas cotton is obtained from cotton plant, wool is obtained from sheep.

• Sheep hair is sheared once a year to make wool from it (called fleece or coat)

• Cotton and wool both fibers are breathable

• Cotton is used in summers while wool is used in winters as it provides us warmth

• Woolen garments are dry-cleaned whereas cotton garments can be easily washed

• Both cotton and wool being natural are good for those having sensitive skin