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Difference Between Democracy and Republic

Democracy vs Republic

There is a wealth of difference between the two terms, democracy and republic. Democracy can be explained as a government of masses. It is interesting to note that direct expression is the underlying factor in democracy. The election of public officials by the people is the underlying factor in republic.

In short it can be said that democracy is the direct rule of people. Republic on the contrary is the standard form of government. The standard form of government of a republic is applicable to almost all the republic countries of the world.

A republic is a form of a government and it involves the election of an executive, a legislative body, a judiciary to uphold justice in the country and the recognition of individual rights.

A democracy is characterized by the rule of the majority. A republic on the other hand has a chief of state at the helm of affairs and he can usually be the President.

A democracy is characterized by the form of government where supreme power lies with the people that can exercise it during elections. In spite of all these basic differences it is surprising to note that at times both these terms, republic and democracy are used in the same sense.

It has to be firmly remembered that in both democracy and republic the government is elected by the people. The main difference is that in the case of democracy the majority rules, whereas in republic the government rules according to law. Both of them are governed by constitution too.

In a republic, the government rules according to the law prescribed by men of caliber. In a democracy, Mobocracy prevails. Mobocracy can be defined as political control by a mob.


  • The difference between democracy and republic:
  • Democracy is the direct rule of the people, whereas republic is characterized by the standard form of a government.
  • A democracy is characterized by the rule of the majority, whereas in a republic, a government rules according to law.


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